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Why Swannies will Change Your Life - Swanwick Sleep

Why Swannies will Change Your Life

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Swannies Stories

This blog post ‘Why Swannies will change YOUR life’ is going to show you how our product works, and how they will help you improve the quality of your life.

Swanwick Blue Light Blocking glasses have been changing the quality of people’s sleep since it was founded by brothers, James & Tristan Swanwick in Los Angeles, California.

The Truth About Electronic Devices

Smartphones, laptops, televisions. They’re all amazing, and we have more technology at our fingertips than ever before. However, due to the relatively new introduction of such powerful devices, the underlying problems haven’t necessarily been highlighted on a wide scale.

The problem is when you read your Facebook News Feed before you go to bed, the reflection of blue light from your phone on your face is interfering with your body’s natural circadian rhythm which helps us go to sleep. This is because our bodies are not supposed to be seeing this powerful, bright light beaming on us before we go to sleep, and therefore halts the natural release of the hormone melatonin which is essential for falling asleep.

Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of tired and braindead feelings in the morning, where you really can’t be bothered to get out of bed. Not only that, but it also leads to us feeling rough throughout the day and is a real limiting factor for our success and happiness.

How The Swannies Work

Swannies blue light blocking glasses are a modern technology, where the orange colour lenses block out the blue light and translate it into light which is easier on our eyes and doesn’t interfere with our sleep. It is simple yet, very effective when trying to get that deep restorative sleep. So effective that Arnold Schwarzenegger said about his pair of Swannies, “I’m going to sleep great tonight.”

By blocking out that artificial light, you are going to burn more fat, feel sharper and be happier. Plus, you don’t have to give up watching your favourite TV show session before you fall asleep because the Swannies have got you covered for that. Wahoo.

Style Matters

Being honest with you here – James and Tristan didn’t invent the blue light blocking glasses. They aren’t responsible for the crazy orange lens that gets girls asking, “Can I try those on?” But they are responsible for making it look better. Before, the blue light blocking glasses available on the market used to be in this unflattering shape, which was pretty embarrassing to leave the house in, and you wouldn’t want to be seen dead in them.

The brothers took the orange lenses and implanted them into a frame which was cool, suave and stylish and thus, a business was born. Now you can wear these orange glasses outside without feeling like a complete nerd. They’re a great conversation starter, and people are fascinated by how they work.

Celebrities Love Their Swannies Too

Many famous people have endorsed and worn our Swannies with pride. To name a few, YouTube celebrity Brandon Carter, superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger and Game of Thrones’ very own Alfie Allen have all loved their Swannies – see below.

Why Swannies will Change Your Life - Swanwick Sleep

If you want to have deep sleep and knockout like a baby, make sure to grab your pair of Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses today!

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About the Author

Sam Mehan

Sam is a fashion designer and entrepreneur living in the ever exciting country of Australia. Sam has a passion for educating others on the dangers of blue light as she herself knows the struggle with eye fatigue from long days of graphic design, followed by relaxing nights of gaming.

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