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Why Swannies are essential for your child’s learning and sleep - Swanwick Sleep

Why Swannies are essential for your child’s learning and sleep

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Wellness

It all started with the human body’s need to sleep. In order to sleep there are two systems in the body. The first is known as sleep-wake homeostasis which is basically the body’s method of saying you are tired. The second system is the circadian rhythm. This is the 24-hour cycle of life that nature has evolved with since the beginning of time. This indicates to the body to be alert or sleepy, depending on the time in accordance with the biological clock.

More specifically, this is controlled by a section of the brain known as the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus. This is a group of cells that respond to light and dark signals sent from the optic nerve of the eye. So how does it actually work? When light comes in, the brain sees it as daylight and as a result releases chemicals to keep us awake. The light signals received by the SCN dictate the hormones, body temperature and other chemicals that are released in order to either stay awake or to feel sleepy.

The chemical reaction of light in our bodies

In the morning, with the increase in light, the SCN sends signals to raise the body’s temperature and to produce hormones like cortisol which in turn delays the release of other hormones such as melatonin, which promote sleep. When it is dark the opposite will happen, meaning melatonin is released and cortisol in the body will be reduced.


Children today

Originally, before the age of the laptop or smartphone, the sun would rise, then it would set and that’s all that needed to be. However, in the technology age of iPhone and tablets it is more important than ever to be worried about the sleep quality your child is receiving. A study conducted in the UK found that children between the age of five and sixteen were spending an average of six and a half hours in front of a screen each day.

Why Swannies are essential for your child’s learning and sleep - Swanwick Sleep

The danger here is in the fact that this ruins sleep. The artificial blue light emitted from screens, be it an iPhone, iPad or TV causes the same reaction in the brain that sunlight does. It suppresses the release of melatonin which is essential for sleep, thereby delaying it and as a result off-centres the circadian rhythm. This then has a domino effect, disrupting your child the next day by making it harder for them to focus and hindering their development through learning, putting them at an overall disadvantage. Lack of sleep really does harm you and your children’s health.

The solution?

Now it is easy to tell the children not to use their devices but that just isn’t going to stop them from wanting what they want. The all new Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses for children have been designed with this end goal in mind. Swannies Glasses ensure the harmful blue light emitted from screens is negated, to allow melatonin to be released when necessary and therefore not disrupt the circadian rhythm of the child’s body. The results include better focus, deeper sleep and reduced eye strain. Overall it is in the best interest of your child to block the inevitable blue light during the evening. CLICK HERE to see why Kids Love The Swannies Glasses!

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By Shane Finch

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