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Healing Frequency Music That Can Help You Drop Into A Deep Sleep

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With only two notesdun dun—John Williams made us never want to dip our toes into the ocean ever again. Despite its simplicity, the theme of Jaws still drives us to a cold sweat today.

This is how effective music can be.

If we think about music as American modernist composer Charles Ives did, then anyone has the capacity to create music. Even though it’s argued that math is the true universal language, music comes more naturally to us than counting, believe it or notmusic is a universal language.

This is why it only made sense to us to befriend renowned musician Michael Tyrrell at Wholetones—he offers a portable, convenient and inexpensive solution for better sleep and happy, productive mornings.

What draws us in is the effect Wholetones™: The Healing Frequency Music Project has on people’s sleep.

And here’s why. 👇


The Power of Healing Frequencies

Acquainted with the world in 2014 as the Healing Frequency Music Project, Wholetones has blossomed into a full line of award-winning solutions for many of the most common dilemmas found in today’s society.

These dilemmas include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Low energy
  • Poor sleep

We can all agree these are persistent problems everyone has to deal with, and some of us on a daily basis. It’s become such a norm that you don’t know how you’ll live without them.

You: Sup bro! Let’s hit the road and cause destruction wherever we go.

Anxiety. Cool cool. Low Energy is coming along and Poor Sleep will catch up with us later. 

You: But what if Poor Sleep brings Stress? Can’t deal!

Anxiety: Don’t worry, I’ll bring my one molecule of Serotonin!

We know the struggle is real.

Therefore we partnered with Wholetones to help us help YOU experience better sleep and happy, productive mornings. With ZERO side effects and a full 90-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



In fact, a study shows that 100% of the people who trusted The Sound of Healing reported better sleep, a decrease in stress, anxiety and even reduced pain! (Yep! The word has spread around the world like wildfire!)  And all of this with the help of healing frequencies—so simple yet effective!

Baby don’t hertz me, don’t hertz me, no more. 🎶

Along with your sleeping tunes, try sleep expert and neuroscientist, Dr. Chelsie Rohrscheib’s non-negotiable rules for fantastic sleep!

Are you ready to embrace the healing power of music?

Start your journey back to health with Wholetones healing frequencies.