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Photophobia aka Light Sensitivity: How to keep your peepers safe?

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In direct translation, you might think Photophobia means fear of photo. (Wait whaat?) If it really meant that, we’d have a word for those that don’t like having their photo taken. 😜

It simply means bright light is hurting your peepers. But Photophobia just sounds way more legit. If you’re prone to light sensitivity you certainly don’t fear light — you’re just not in the mood to feel like something inside your head is trying to chisel its way out by taking its own time!

Yep, you guessed right. It can be pretty darn uncomfortable or painful even.

Light sensitivity can be a symptom of an underlying cause or strictly because you need some shade.

Here’s what can cause photophobia and our easy solutions.


Causes of Light Sensitivity

There are various conditions that can be the cause, from serious brain and eye conditions, viruses, migraines to certain medications, mental health issues and even sunburn.

Fortunately, the most common cause is the lack of proper protection against UV radiation.



No need to update your will, call all your friends, parents, grandma, neighbor or an ambulance. Your sunlight sensitive can be sorted in two clicks. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!


Our simple solutions

The best way to treat photophobia is to figure out what the heck is making you peep through your eyelids like a ninja. Chat to your doctor about your concerns. And don’t just stop taking your meds without an okay from doc, okay? That won’t be healthy at all.

The easiest solution, if you’re naturally sensitive to light (provided you don’t have a life-threatening condition), is to avoid bright sunlight. (Aka vampire style!)



But we all know that isn’t recommended. Rather grab your wide-brimmed hat and UV protection sunglasses and go have a good time outdoors.

Seriously though, shades can be a life-saver! Especially so when the pain goes away and you can see where you’re actually going. (Like thank God I don’t have to use echolocation to navigate through life!)

Although🤔, it’ll totally rock if we could shape-shift into bats or even better, whales or dolphins! Then also they won’t be critically endangered and we won’t have to deal with excessive blue light from our digital devices at night. Luckily, we have an effective solution for the latter.👇 

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