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Swannies Team Favorites: If we look good, it’s no accident! (Part 1)

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Let’s be honest, the Swannies Crew is pretty rad. I’m not just being biased.



If you didn’t know our captain, Tristan Swanwick, generously gifted products for us to test-drive ourselves. Because he needs his staff to be healthy too and so we could be sure it’s legit, you know. Along with our jolly customers, we’re living proof of the effectiveness of Swannies products.

But I’ll admit. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can be much like flossing a cat’s teeth, or getting a teen to tell you about their day, or getting a cat to tell you about its day while flossing its teeth—a freaking warzone if you ask me!

Well, we’re here to hold down the cat for you. (catch my drift?)

Here are some cherry-picked Swanwick product recommendationswhich forms part of a series of articles highlighting the Swannies Team favorites.

And believe me. If we look good, it’s no accident! 😉


The Staple Question: What’s your favorite Swanwick product and why?

Here are the Swanwick favorites of some of the top minds in the house.👇


Tristan, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)



“This is a bit like being asked to choose your favorite child. How can you possibly play favorites? But if I was forced to choose then I would say that Swannies Black Classic Night will always hold a special place in my heart as it’s the model that started this whole crazy adventure. Back when James and I were first dreaming up the idea of making fashionable blue light blocking glasses there simply wasn’t anything like them. That’s why we had to take matters into our own hands! Although we now have a whole catalog of trendy and fashionable blue light blocking glasses the Classics still retain their timeless style.”


Danny, COO (Chief Operations Officer)



“My favorite products are the Swannies Classic Day and the Swannies Classic Night glasses. I use my Night Swannies from about 1 PM onwards. You don’t need to. Most people don’t. But I just find it puts me in ‘The Chill Zone’ and allows me to make better, quicker decisions, my mind is calmer. All those good things. From about 3:30 AM I’m wearing the Day Swannies glasses, and that’s mostly for the protection but also because they look wicked. Love ‘em.”


Alaina, CSO (Chief Sales Officer)



“It’s difficult to pick a single favorite, as I’ve found that Swanwick has really improved my life since I learned about the company. I do love my Day Swannies. I have them in my prescription and it’s crystal clear. It makes it easier to work longer and I get more done without headaches. I have another favorite too… because who can pick just one! Slumber Drops for the win. They are great for when you need that extra something-something’ to help you get to sleep. I love it in a cup of warm tea. It’s one of those items that are perfect as a gift for someone that has everything.”


Bianca, CM (Content Manager)



“Classic Swannies are my favorite. You can never go wrong with the classics, right? I have them in both day and night lenses and they’re my go-to blue light protection no matter the time of day. I wear my Day Swannies the most because whether I’m working or taking a break I always find myself in front of a screen. And since my eyes are more on the sensitive side, if I’m not careful with my blue light exposure my eyes can quickly go from hypnotizing green to bloodshot vampire. So I keep my Day Swannies close by during the day and I switch to Night Swannies during the night. It’s the perfect blue light protection combo. I usually put them on 1-2 hours before going to bed and I always get my 8 hours of quality sleep.”


Anton, CM (Creatives Manager)



“My personal fave is the first products I got, my Henley Tortoise Night and my black Classic Day Swannies. So stylish yet functional. I can easily wear them out when I’m in the mall and not feel out of place. It is like getting its’ own personality that makes it stand out, and although that’s just a bonus, the main purpose is to protect my eyes.”


Aren’t they a sexy bunch? Holy guacamole! 🤗 All our beloved leaders have two things in common. Can you guess? No? Well, then I’d like to introduce you to someone.



Not convinced? Read about the power of healing frequencies and become a restful, happy, productive eager beaver, here. (music is gnarly like that dude!) 🎶

Or, stick around for the next set of Swanwick must-haves. The unwilling cat inside you may need some more convincing. Plus, we know you want the inside scoop on the rest of our Swannies Team! We have more to come so stay tuned. 😜

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