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How Sheldon Bailey Sets Himself Apart From The Crowd As A Top Performing Entrepreneur

Team Swannies Feature: How Sheldon Bailey Sets Himself Apart From The Crowd

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As a multi-facet artist and entrepreneur, Sheldon Bailey spent years honing in on his craft and making way for limitless possibilities. The great news is that he accepted our invitation to hone in on how he sets himself apart from the rest.

Swanwick is proud to have Sheldon part of Team Swannies and feature his entrepreneurial story on the blog.


How Sheldon Defeated Adversity & Doubt



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As a 6’6 African American male with dreams of being an actor and immersing himself in the creative realm, Sheldon experienced a fair share of adversity and doubt in his career. It took a great deal of effort and courage to gain respect.

“It hasn’t been easy to break my stereotype and get people to recognize my work as a creative. So many people just want me to play basketball or see me as just an athlete. I’ve had to forge my way to gaining respect,” Sheldon wrote.

We all have limiting beliefs and the only way to kick them to the curb is to face them head-on. Watch this video interview where co-founder James Swanwick and Sheldon dive into ways you can break free from expectations to reach your full potential.

Moreover, saying “no” to the expectations of other people is no easy feat, but this brave act served him well as a determined entrepreneur. It takes a serious amount of bravery to have clear boundaries in place, and with consistency, he gained people’s respect and exponential growth in his endeavors.

Along with a motivated spirit and a gratitude attitude, Sheldon believes, “The most important part of being an entrepreneur is having faith and belief in yourself and what you are doing business for.”

Sheldon’s WHY gives him purpose and direction in life. He defined his WHY, brought it to life, and now continues to nurture it.


Swannies Transformed Sheldon’s Sleep & Focus


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With technology at the forefront, people hardly think about the dangerous effects of excessive blue light. But after Sheldon made an effort to consistently wear Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses, he noticed major changes that transformed his sleep, focus, and performance.

“I didn’t necessarily struggle with sleep before but I do notice a different kind of rest and refreshness with Swannies. I’m less likely to have headaches. I feel more focused,” Sheldon wrote.

People often don’t realize the importance of adequate sleep and the benefits of enhanced performance. They simply go through life thinking they were born with brain fog. Brain fog is a noticeable sign that you likely need more sleep and an overall lifestyle upgrade.

Sheldon has been wearing his Aviator Night Swannies ever since it was gifted to him for being a guest on a talk show.

“I’ve been wearing Swannies for over a year now. They were 1st given to me for being a guest on the talk show “Life Stories” hosted by Joanna Garzilli. Been wearing them ever since,” Sheldon wrote.


Key Characteristics That Set Sheldon Apart


FACT 1: We asked Sheldon “Beach or mountains and why?” and his answer clearly shows he thinks beyond the box:

Waves are my favorite sounds and the mountains are the best views. Santa Barbara is one of my favorite getaway spots because it has the mountains that overlook the coast. Big Sur is like that also. Who says you can’t have both. I’m taking both,” Sheldon wrote with a smile.


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Think about it. What seemed to be a simple question, turned out to further emphasize Sheldon’s effort to push his thinking up and beyond the limits — a key characteristic that sets him apart from the crowd. Thinking creatively and freely using new ideas instead of traditional or expected ideas spark a new way of embodying intelligence.

FACT 2: Sheldon’s favorite part of his morning routine includes waking up with gratitude. And according to gratitude researcher, Robert Emmons, “Gratitude reduces all stress, big and small.” While being grateful will always be a choice, consider following in Sheldon’s footsteps if you want to reduce stress, improve your mood and overall well-being, and enhance your performance as an entrepreneur.



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We applaud Sheldon for prioritizing his health, visions and cultivating the power within to live a limitless life.


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