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Team Swannies Feature: How Penny Elliott, New Mom & Business Coach, Gained Momentum Again.

Team Swannies Feature: How Penny Elliott, New Mom & Business Coach, Regained Momentum To Live Her Best Life

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As new moms, it is often suggested that it would take years to return to “normal” again, and that being a newborn mom means you have to spend forever on “tired struggle street.”

But Penny Elliott, Author, Podcaster, and Business Coach, refused to resign to lethargy running her days in training and business.

With that, Penny believes the key to gain momentum is to keep a balance – a perfect mix of mindset and strategy to see exponential growth in your business. Your ticket to finally live your best life.

Decidedly, Penny defied the odds and embarked on a powerful journey to regain her strength.

She discovered three suggestions that breathed new life into her:

  • Sauna
  • CBD oil
  • Swannies

We welcomed Penny to Team Swannies with open arms and found her journey as an entrepreneur inspirational.

Equally, if you strive to mingle with leaders such as Penny, it’s a good idea to adopt the habits that keep them performing at their best.

Learn from Penny’s willpower to change the game, below.


How Penny Made A Breakthrough


Sleep has without fail been Penny’s top priority. Until she had her baby boy, Josh.

While she kept her business doors open, she struggled with sleepless nights and battled to warm up to this whole new identity and world of motherhood.


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Consequently, after 6 weeks she invited a sleep consultant to help with the necessary process of sleep training her son. And magically, after a few months, Josh slept through the night, which meant Penny could manage her 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep again. Naturally, she thought her battery would soon be recharged.

But she still woke up feeling dead.

That’s when she went on a search to fix her broken sleep and someone suggested the one and only, Swannies.

Since she spends between 2 – 6 hours a day in front of digital screens, and discovered how artificial blue light inhibits the production of melatonin at night, she ordered a pair.

Remarkably, within 3 days of Swannies in her life, she noticed her deep sleep increased from 20 minutes to an hour a night, which she measured with her Garmin watch. In combination with CBD oil and saunas, her sleep finally went back to normal. 

“The old me was BACK,” she wrote. “I was able to get out and run in the morning with gusto and do an hour or so on the laptop in my business at night to get the wheel turning again and clients coming in,” she continued.

Now, Penny’s Swannies travel with her everywhere and so also grabbed the attention of all her mommy friends. Great news for us!

In fact, it’s a no-brainer that they noticed how Swannies transformed Penny’s life as a mother and high achiever.


Adding Value Didn’t Stop There.

It’s no mystery how you spend your free time can have a big impact on your success in business.

But if you follow top influential entrepreneurs, you will know that they believe it is not only about turning an idea into a business, but also a combination of creativity, grit, skills, and continuous development to achieve success.

In other words, you have to live and breathe your passion, which is exactly how Penny adds extra value to her life.


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She strives to develop herself through her favorite podcasts:

Read books such as:

Maintains a nightly routine that keeps her body in top condition:

“I never skip having my greens drink, magnesium, and probiotics. I write in my journal about my day and then turn my light off and take my Swannies off,” she wrote.

And finally, she utilizes an innovative tool to enhance her productivity:

“Using to track the hours I do during the day and then re-evaluate how much time I’ve mucked around in and what I can delegate,” she wrote.

Here are more tools that help boost productivity.

With Penny’s growth mindset at the forefront, I’m not surprised that her business continues to scale exponentially and now ultimately lives her best life.


How You Can Add Value To Your Life Today


Follow Penny’s coaching journey below:


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How do you grow your business? Since we all apply different strategies to accomplish similar goals, I’m keen to learn from your experience. Comment below!

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