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Team Swannies Feature: How Melissa Ramos Upgrades Her Performance as an Entrepreneur, Practical Nutritionist, and Hormone Expert

Team Swannies Feature: How Melissa Ramos Upgrades Her Performance as an Entrepreneur, Practical Nutritionist, and Hormone Expert

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Swanwick is proud to feature Team Swannies on the blog to celebrate the success of entrepreneurs while they look fabulous wearing Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses. In this article, the spotlight shines on Melissa Ramos. She’s the founder of Sexy Food Therapy and a Functional Nutritionist that specializes in Chinese Medicine who embraces slow RV living.

Melissa empowers women to shift their mindset and encourages them to believe, “You are not your bloated belly, your stress or overwhelm, or your doctors’ lack of answers. You are more than that” Her mission is to help women “live out loud with the best possible hormonal health.”

Continue reading to discover how Melissa optimizes her performance as a high-achieving entrepreneur.


Mornings of Gratitude


Mornings are difficult for many people, but starting the day effectively can be crucial to your success. For Melissa, it’s not about waking up at 4 a.m. or having a rigid routine. Her morning routine changes based on her infradian rhythm (according to her cycle) and revolves around carving out time for herself.

“There isn’t a specific part that I enjoy the most. I just appreciate having that time for myself. My morning routine will shift and change a bit based on my infradian rhythm (according to my cycle). But I do find that if I don’t carve out that time for myself, my whole day feels truly thrown off,” Melissa wrote.



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Healthy Work-life Balance


It can be challenging to put a cap on working hours as an entrepreneur, but it is necessary to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Here’s is Melissa’s secret:

“Get outside and be more efficient. That way I can work fewer hours and get more shit done within that time frame and enjoy time with my family. I work from 8 am – 1 pm and then I’ll go for a 4-5 mile hike with my husband and two pups. I find this really helps to reset my nervous system.”



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Productivity Tips for Women


As usual, Swanwick is determined to learn and share with readers how Team Swannies stays productive. Here are Melissa’s top 5 productivity tips:

  • Time-block your work the night before. 
  • You will only be as productive as you take care of yourself so adjust your schedule based on where you are in your menstrual cycle. 
  • Keep only a couple of tabs open on your computer. 
  • Schedule time for getting outside. 
  • Prioritize sleep.



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Motivation to Stay Active


While most people advocate for consistency as the key to success, Melissa dropped this notion! She focuses on commitment as the motivating factor to stay active, which I think is a fresh approach.

Melissa says, “I dropped the notion that I had to be consistent to be successful. Instead, I focus on being committed. That way I can adjust my workouts based on what my body needs (and in accordance with my cycle) so that if I need rest or have to reduce the intensity, I provide myself with that. I am a woman and what will motivate me with my workouts requires me to adjust. I also very much value sleep because if I’m sleep deprived my inner critic will fire up. I always tell patients of mine, “never trust your thoughts on a tired brain.” Not to mention staying motivated or being successful with my health efforts will be futile if I am not focusing on my sleep hygiene.”


Challenges of being a High-Achiever


As much as staying active plays an important role in healthy living, resting plays an equivalent role. One without the other can lead to undesirable results. Melissa’s biggest challenge involves reminding herself that her well being is more important than her productivity. Here’s what she wrote when Swanwick asked what her biggest struggle is as a high-achiever:

“It’s not so much a struggle now, but I do at times need to gently remind myself that rest is a strategy and that I am more important than my productivity.”



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Blue Light Protection for Deep Sleep


While on the topic of rest, sleep is an often neglected yet vital component of a person’s overall health and performance. Even while it’s a known fact that sleep enables the body to repair, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to work themselves to the ground. Especially with the digital age dominating our daily lives. Studies have shown that this increase in exposure to blue light can cause digital eye strain and restless sleep.

Not for Melissa! She used to have disturbed sleep but her Aviator Night Swannies changed everything. She now embraces the benefits of blue light protection 90 minutes before bed to help her sleep much better at night while looking fabulous. 

She wrote, “I wear my Swannies about 90mins before bed and I find it really makes a difference! But I also know that they aren’t an excuse to stay up late because disconnecting from our devices is still important.”



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While Night Swannies are designed to block nearly 100% of blue light between 400-500nm, Swanwick’s Day Swannies allow some blue light through. Discover why and how it can be beneficial to invest in a Blue Light Protection Set.


Everyone has the Key


It’s just a matter of using it. Entrepreneurs like Melissa didn’t accidentally find success, she executed her idea living by her motto:

“For every reason it’s not possible, there are hundreds of people who have faced the same circumstances and succeeded.” – Jack Canfield


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