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Team Swannies Feature: Jodi Sodini From Market Like A Nerd

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 We’re determined to show off our Team Swannies, and the first person in the spotlight is Jodi Sodini. As an entrepreneur, mother, and Swannies owner, Jodi knows how important it is to stay healthy and productive. Her performance needs to be high to take care of her family and her business.

We recently asked Jodi if she wanted to be part of our Team Swannies Feature, and she agreed to answer a few questions. 

Here’s what we learned about her:

How Swannies Transformed Jodi’s Life

After Jodi tried a generic pair of blue blockers from Amazon, she made the switch to the “real deal” (a.k.a Swanwick Blue Light Blocking Glasses) when she started working with Alex Charfen. “I have been using Swannies for two years now,” she wrote.

Jodi used to struggle with sleep before using Swannies.

Ask a few people, I’m obsessed with optimizing my sleep. Between being a CEO and mother, staying up late on my computer to work, and then waking throughout the night for breastfeeding or a bad dream means that the sleep I do get needs to be great,” she wrote.

And we’re not surprised to discover that Jodi invested in her sleep with a pair of both Day and Night Swannies.

Between using my Day Aviators during the day and my Crystal Night Swannies (in Sapphire, of course) after 6 pm, I have noticed a big difference in my sleep patterns. I track my sleep and have noticed my numbers improving. I’ve also been intentional, lately, about really asking myself in the morning how I feel upon waking up, rather than just looking at the data. As a marketer, I’m data-driven. As a human, I really needed to re-focus on how I feel,” she explained.

So, what’s the difference between day and night Swannies? Find out here.

How Jodi Adds Value To Her Life

We’re always curious to know how our Team Swannies spend time adding value to their lives in other ways too. We’re here to help you discover influential people to up your game in the industry.

Favorite Podcast

Jodi loves the Perpetual Traffic Podcast by Digital Marketer and host Ralph Burns from Tier 11. “They give so much value and information about what’s working in Facebook Ads right now,” she explains.

Current Reads

After Jodi attended Funnel Hacking Live, all the attendees received Attack With The Stack as a gifted book by author and speaker Garret J White. She’s heard him speak three times and it impacted her profoundly. “…it’s like a punch in the gut. A wake-up call. I see a lot of myself in him and have learned a lot of lessons from reading his books.”

Jodi’s Favorite Part Of Her Morning Routine

Most of us enjoy waking up with a cup of Joe — not only for its energy-boosting effects and health benefits but also as a morning ritual to prepare ourselves for the day ahead.

“Making coffee and enjoying it while it’s steaming hot!” is Jodi’s favorite part of her morning routine. “I love making cafe Americano at home – it was a recent new thing I learned after being stuck at home with no Starbucks – haha!”

No wonder Jodi’s a high performer. She continuously invests in the health of both her personal life and her business. This is how, as a Marketing Coach, she helps people work smarter and not harder.

Visit her website for more details and follow her journey on social media:

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