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Sweet Dreams: Easter Goodies & The Battle for Sleep

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Wellness

So, yes. Easter is upon us and contrary to all of our firm decisions and ultimatums with ourselves in the mirror, we will overindulge on the chocolate. I mean, c’mon. It’s chocolate. It actually makes you happy to eat. Plus, it’s Easter, so just like with every other holiday, we seemingly have an excuse to pack in as much of the relevant food as possible. Thanksgiving? Turkey. Christmas? Cookies. Easter? Chocolate. You’re allowed.

But, here’s the problemo: All that chocolate has caffeine in it. I know I’m certainly not seeking out caffeine-free chocolate eggs this Easter. I’m not even sure they make it. It would probably be horrible. Just sayin’. (Although, if you are reading this and you represent a caffeine-free chocolate company and you wish to send the Swanwick team a goodie basket, send an email to and mention this email. We’ll probably eat it.)

Waging the War of Chocolate & Sleep

I remember growing up, we’d put on our Sunday best, head begrudgingly to church, sit through a sermon that was absolutely too long, and then jitterbug all the way home so that we could go hunting for our Easter eggs. But, good people, who here only got a few eggs? Nah – we got hundreds. Literally hundreds. Big eggs, small eggs, creme filled eggs, caramel eggs. Bright and colorful – jam packed full of sugar and caffeine.

Try as we might, there were just too many to eat in the one sitting. If you really tried you could be done by 3PM – but even still, that’s pretty late in the day to be eating chocolate. As it was, I’d usually find myself sucking on the remnants of a chocolate egg into the latter hours of the evening while watching Home Improvement.

It completely escaped my mind at the time, but now I realize the cause for my RLS on that one holy day. Chocolate jitters. Caffeine overload. Sugar high.

Lack of Sleep is Seriously Messing Up Your Health

How to Fix It

We’re not kids anymore, but dammit if we don’t still want to stuff ourselves with chocolate. So, what to do? Just not eat it after lunch time? Poo! That’s for suckers. This friend, is where Swanwick Sleep’s Swannies come in – and they come in for all ages. That’s right. The blue light-blocking lenses come in super-fashionable frames for adults, and Easter colors for kids! (Okay, not actual Easter colors. But, still – more color than the adult frames.)

I’m not going to guarantee that you can eat that one-pound bunny at 9PM and have a decent night’s sleep. But, I will say that you’ve got a much better shot of it if you put your Swannies on a couple hours before you want to sleep. Basically, if the lights go on, so should your Swannies.

Get ‘em here. Get ‘em quick. And Happy Easter!

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