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Michael Saveth’s Blue Blocking Swanwick Glasses Review - Swanwick Sleep

Michael Saveth’s Blue Blocking Swanwick Glasses Review

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Swannies Stories

At Swanwick Sleep, we may talk a lot about our blue light blocking glasses, but the truth is we’d much rather you did.

When we read a Swanwick glasses review and hear your stories of how much Swannies have improved your sleep, it’s when we know our hard work is paying off.

We love every opportunity to partner up with amazing people who share our mission to educate people on the importance of quality sleep for our health.

That’s how we met Michael Saveth. He’s a sports therapist who has been struggling with sleep problems for quite a while, up until he discovered our Swannies. Let’s find out more about his sleep-changing experience with the Swannies below.

Michael Saveth, a sports therapist & entrepreneurial spirit in need of some quality sleep

Michael Saveth is a cool guy who works as a sports therapist at a private clinic, helping athletes recover from sports injuries and get back in the game.

Michael Saveth’s Blue Blocking Swanwick Glasses Review - Swanwick Sleep

When Michael came across his pair of Swannies, he was skeptical. He had heard of the benefits of blue light blockers before from one of his colleagues and thought they were some kind of “a joke at first.”

Could these orange glasses help him sleep better? That’s what he wanted to find out.

At that point, Michael was struggling with sleep problems. When “time is money,” sleeping can seem unproductive. For Michael, time was money as he was working a full-time job while trying to come up with his own business. There was simply not enough time in a day for his never-ending TO-DO list.

“I was trying to use as much time as I could, so I did the whole work-late-don’t-sleep thing. I was up until 2-3-4 in the morning. Sometimes I would only get two hours of sleep, get up, go to work and then do it again for months until I could no longer function at work, “ explains Michael.

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Michael + Swannies = love at first sight?

Let’s hear Michael’s take on it:

“I came across the Swannies, and I thought, ‘Man, there’s something cool about these glasses.’ Their style was excellent compared to other blue blockers I had seen before. So I just went ahead and bought a pair. I ended up falling in love with them. Besides their fantastic quality, they actually worked for me. The first time I put them on my eyes got heavy, and I got sleepy. I had finally gotten a glorious night of good sleep.”

Despite falling in love with the Swannies, Michael’s skepticism hasn’t entirely dissipated. He began to suspect his glorious night of sleep was due to some placebo effect. And this oh-so-sweet effect would soon wear off.

Michael is skeptical at heart

So the next day, he went to the Swanwick Sleep site forum to see if other people were reporting similar experiences. He was both shocked and relieved to find out they were.

He even went a step further and tried his own experiment – going one week without them. The result? Surprise, his sleep problems had returned.

Michael has learned his lesson: “So I put my Swannies back on and slept gloriously again.”

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When Swannies won Michael’s trust…

…more health improvements started to become apparent. After Michael began to wear his Swannies consistently he experienced other health benefits besides improving his restless sleep, such as:

  • No more eye strain: “My eyes weren’t heavy or straining anymore,” Michael said.
  • Improvements in his digestive system, which was totally unexpected to him, as he wasn’t even aware of any digestive issues up until then.

You could say Michael is a changed man now, “Before having my Swannies I would sleep in, hit the snooze button a million times. I wouldn’t want to get up because I was just too draggy in the morning. Now, I go to sleep with my Swannies on sometimes. I fall asleep easily, and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to work and tackle my day.”

Michael recommends: Get yourself a pair of Swannies.

He talks about Swannies with everyone he knows, especially the athletes he works with. As a sports therapist, Michael realizes the importance of getting a good night’s sleep for athletes to perform at their optimal level.

“The people I work with are professional bodybuilders, runners, cyclists, a few local basketball players. Any pro-athlete that does recovery correctly knows how important sleep is. I recommend Swannies to all my clients who understand how valuable sleep and blue light blocking is to their performance level.”

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Take Michael’s word for it and get yourself a pair of Swannies. If you’re a snooze addict and not a fan of early morning, you might need a pair. Michael’s wake up call came the hard way, we hope his Swanwick Glasses Review will serve as yours.

Get your pair of Swannies here and check out some other Swanwick Sleep sleep aids here. Don’t forget to let us know your experience with our products. We love to hear your happy-ending stories!