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Life Before and After Swannies Model X Glasses - Swanwick Sleep

Life Before and After Swannies Model X Glasses

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Swannies Stories

Have you heard the good news yet? Swannies Model X has made its release!

I have given them a try, to see how the new, cooler model will be able to help with my restless sleep. My verdict – read all about it below.

My life before Swannies

I’ve slept on it and slept on it… and slept some more on it until I finally come to realize that I haven’t gotten a good sleep night’s until I got my Swannies Model X glasses.

There I was, day in and day out, surviving in a half-awake state, believing that I had somehow become miraculously exempt from the 7-9 hour sleep recommendation. That as a mother, I was an evolved human being with an invisible defense against sleep deprivation. “No sleep” was the new normal for me.

Then I heard about Blue Blocking Glasses… and my sleep changed.



Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy in combination with your Swannies can be the perfect solution to your sleep interruptions.

My life after using Swannies

I first found out about Swannies, ironically enough, on my computer.

I read an interesting article and discovered that my body was mistaking the blue light given off by electronic devices (computer included) for the sun. I felt alarmed when I realized that was the reason for my sleep problems: using blue light emitting devices right before going to sleep without using any blue light protection.

The truth of the matter was blue light emitted by devices was suppressing the melatonin production in my body. The substance my body needs to signal my brain it’s time to go to sleep.

Putting a curfew on my computer use was no good option for me, so I got a pair of these blue blocking glasses.

Instead of going for the classic Swannies model, I decided to invest in the Swannies Model X. I have to say, I have never made a better decision.

I have more energy in the morning, I can focus on my tasks without any problem, I sleep more and better, and it’s all thanks to my Swannies Model X. Even my family seems to like me more, and I didn’t think that was possible.

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Life Before and After Swannies Model X Glasses - Swanwick Sleep


Swannies Model X – the best gift for the man in your life

In fact, I am feeling so much love right now, which I am going to share with my husband. How? I’ve decided that since it was Father’s Day the other day, I will buy him his own Swannies Model X. This is the gift that keeps giving because if these make him happier, healthier and sleep better, it’s a win-win for the whole family.

Not to mention, if the Swannies Model X help him sleep through his midnight pantry raids, he may stop scarfing down my Oreo Thins. Win-win, I told you. Get them here.