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How Swannies Banished M.S. Sufferer’s Sleep Blues

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Swannies Stories

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Reposted with permission from Staying Healthy with M.S.

Doctors are always recommending a good night’s rest for their patients, but it wasn’t until Simonne received her multiple sclerosis diagnosis, that she realized exactly how important this advice could actually be. For Simonne, eight to ten hours of sleep wasn’t just a helpful guideline, it was the difference between a good day and a bad one. Without a restful sleep, Simonne was subject to cognitive decline, balance issues, and depression making even the most basic daily functions a struggle. Soon, a normal day of work became anything but normal, until she got her Swannies blue blockers.

Eager to solve this problem, Simonne delved into her own life and found that there was a direct correlation between sleepless nights and the use of technology. It seemed that Simonne’s restless slumbers occurred most often when she was using her phone and computer late at night. The blue light emitted from the devices was interfering with her sleep patterns. Reluctantly, she vowed to refrain from all contact with blue light after 7 pm. If she couldn’t sleep well, she couldn’t do anything well, so she ditched the late night scroll, and chose sleep.

That was when she learned about Swannies. She’d been hearing about Swanwick Sleep’s blue light blocking glasses and began to think this might be the first step in recapturing her life.

The Blue Light Nightmare: It Doesn’t End When You Wake Up

Out Of the Blue

Before Swannies came into her life, Simonne’s nystagmus made it hard for her to bring things into focus. She had a small lesion on her eye from UV light exposure that became inflamed and sore after looking at her computer or phone too long. It was difficult for her to work without having to stop and bathe her eyes in cold water to calm the inflammation. However, since Swannies entered the picture, all that has changed.

“The lenses are super clear and they clarify everything, which eases the strain on my eyes. This is a saviour as I’m currently healing nystagmus which is persistent vertical flickering eye movements, so these really help sharpen things for me especially at work when I need to be as efficient as possible.”

Simonne took to her Swannies immediately. In fact, she began to feel like a fish out of water when she took them off, and who could blame her? Who wouldn’t yearn to return to the soft golden Swannies cocoon when the harsh glare intrudes? In time, Simonne’s flare-ups stopped, her eye strain became a thing of the past. Soon, Swannies became less of an accessory, and more of a necessity, and she was living the golden life.

“I forgot to take my Swannies to work one day and by the afternoon I was finding it hard to cope looking at my screen with all the artificial lighting around me…”

Simonne now reports that she wears her Swannies daily and loves how much they ease the strain on her eyes. Since purchasing her pair, she has been sleeping more soundly and waking up refreshed and focused. Plus, now that Simonne’s sleep is more productive, her days are more productive as well. She can work full days without tiring and accomplish what needs to be done without her symptoms interfering.

Digital Eye Strain Explained

For most people, Swannies is a way of getting your sleep back, for Simonne, Swannies helped get her life back. Do you suffer from M.S. or any other condition that might affect your sleep or eyesight? Find your own pair of Swannies and discover what they can do for you. You’ll love the way they look, and you’ll love how they make your world look.

PS – A special thanks to Simonne at Staying Healthy with M.S. for graciously allowing us to repost snippets of her blog here. In return for her allowance, and for being a general legend, we sent her one of our 100% Silk Oversized Sleep Masks. Do you have a story to tell about how Swanwick Sleep affected your world? Drop us a line at Read the rest of Simonne’s blog here.

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