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The Power of Darkness Why Sleeping in Darkness is Key to A Better Life - Swanwick Sleep

The Power of Darkness: Why Sleeping in Darkness is Key to A Better Life

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Wellness

Is the “power of darkness,” an evil thing?

Many of us would think so, right?

Power of darkness an evil thing - Swanwick Sleep

When we hear the phrase “power of darkness,” we think of doom, destruction and all things negative and dreadful. Indeed, the power of darkness is often associated with wickedness and mischief.

However, when we think of the “power of darkness” in terms of sleep, it is, in fact, a very positive thing. Sleeping in darkness is not only good, but it is also necessary for the health of the human body.

When it comes to sleeping, light is the villain.

In the Beginning: Sleeping In Darkness

It all started in simpler times when humankind was first getting their circadian rhythm installed. Back then, man had the light from the sun, the moon, the stars, and maybe the occasional campfire. This was the light our body understood, the light that we evolved with.Sleeping in darkness was the status quo.

When the sun was out, our optic nerves sent a signal to the brain that it was time to get up and get in gear, our body temperature went up, and cortisol was produced.

Cortisol is the hormone that regulates mood, motivation, and fear. An excellent hormone for the day, but not something we want a lot of when it’s time to relax. At night, when it’s dark, our cortisol levels are low which allows our bodies to sleep.

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Let There Be Light: The Introduction of Artificial Light

Then, something unexpected happened: there was light, and it was terrible. More so, confusing. Well, not so bad as much as confusing.

Introduction of artificial light - Swanwick Sleep

Artificial light was created, and while it was not as bright as the sunlight, it was much brighter than the moon, the stars, and the occasional campfire. How were our bodies to interpret this intruder? Soon enough, the light was everywhere; at our bedside tables, on our televisions, even on our computers. Our cortisol levels went through the roof! Our sleep was disrupted, we were at risk for a host of problems related to body fat and insulin resistance. Not to mention our stress levels were catapulting. Only darkness could save us now!

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The Power of Darkness

In order for our bodies to sleep, we need melatonin. For our bodies to produce the much-needed melatonin, we need darkness. Simple as that.

When our rooms are dark at night we don’t get the signal from our optic nerves to pump up the cortisol; all we get is melatonin and quality sleep. That’s why it is so important to do our sleeping in darkness.

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What We Need to Do…

… for darkness to have its full power over our sleep is dim the lights before bedtime.

Research shows exposure to even a small amount of seemingly harmless room light before bed decreases the duration of melatonin by 90% as compared to dim light, and suppresses melatonin levels by 50%.

“Research shows that room light before bed decreases the duration of melatonin by 90% as compared to dim light.”

Add to that the even more powerful blue light exposure to tablets, smartphones, and energy efficient light bulbs and we’ve got some big problems on our hands. Researchers have found links between light exposure and cancer, weight gain, heart problems and premature aging. Read more about these findings here.

Managing Your Light Exposure Starts Now!

“The most important part of creating a home environment conducive to sleep is light control.”

The most important part of creating a home environment conducive to sleep is light control. The body needs time to prepare for sleep, which means we need to begin the darkening process early.

How? By closing the blinds and dimming the lights a full hour before sleep. These will both help your body on its path toward sleep. So will Swannies Blue Light Blocking glasses!

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