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Show Mom Your Love, Give Her the Mother’s Day Bundle

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Gift Guides

Flowers are fine, but to REALLY show Mom you love her, give her The Mother’s Day Bundle of Joy

What are you secretly wishing to get this Mother’s Day? I’ve already made my choice: a Mother’s Day sleep bundle from Swanwick Sleep – now all I have to do is convince my husband to get it for me instead of the usual flowers… For a mom – especially one with toddlers – sleep is never overrated. And since I have my two bundles with me all the time (a gorgeous boy and a beautiful baby girl), you can bet I’ve been robbed of any hope of getting some good quality sleep any time soon…! Can you relate? If so, it’s time to put together a plan and get our hands on the Swannies special Mother’s Day offer. Sleep, here we come – below are my best reasons why I’d choose sleep over flowers any day.

Swanwick Sleep’s Mother’s Day Bundle vs. Flowers – a Mother’s Honest Opinion

  1. The Swannies: If there are two things that I can’t go without: it’s my social media and my sleep. Swannies give me the perfect way to get both. As a bonus, they also make me look cool without even trying. Now, can flowers do that?
  2. The Sleep Mask: Flowers need light, sleepy moms don’t. Get mom the Mother’s Day bundle and save the light for the flowers.
  3. The Sleep Aid: Flowers give us oxygen, moms need a high quality melatonin blend. Take mom outside. Give her a biiiiig hug. Tell her to take a deep breath of fresh air. You’ve officially checked oxygen off the list. Now, hand her the Sleep Aid that comes in the Mother’s Day Bundle. Oxygen? ✅ Sleep? ✅
  4. Ear Plugs: Silence is golden, and gold is worth much more than flowers. Ipso facto: Boost the typical value of your gift and get her this gold-equivalent. Isn’t mom worth a little bit more this year?

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How Much Sleep Do I NEED?

A Totally Unique Gift a Husband can Get His Wife for Mother’s Day

Swannies will help me sleep more, and more sleep will make me happier. You know what they say, hubbies, “Happy wife, happy life.” So, have I made my case? I already have my flowers. What I really want for Mother’s Day this year is the Swanwick Sleep Mother’s Day Bundle. Husbands, if you’re out there and you love your wives, listen to me: Flowers are fine. But a mother’s sleep is a rare occurrence. Save the flowers for another occasion. This year, show your wife you love her with the Swanwick Sleep Mother’s Day Bundle and maybe she won’t buy you socks for your anniversary.

Are you ready to join the Swannies Over Sleep Campaign?

After all, moms don’t need flowerbeds. Just normal beds, please…. and the perfect conditions for getting a restful night’s sleep once they get in them.

Instead of buying mom flowers for Mother’s Day, get her the Mother’s Day Bundle. Trust me, sleep is such a better gift for a mom than flowers. Hurry up and get yours here.

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