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 How to optimize your sleep quality using science and technology.

(Video) How To Optimize Your Sleep Quality Using Science & Technology

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There’s no better time to reflect on your habits and optimize your sleep quality than right now. While adequate sleep can help you feel rested and rejuvenated, ensuring peaceful slumber can enhance all facets of your life. You can sleep your way to better health.

In this new episode of Swanwick LIVE, James Swanwick interviews Tara Youngblood, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer at Chili Sleep, Author of Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe That Works, and a highly regarded international speaker. Tara has extended her expertise to a wealth of high profile platforms including TEDx, Skookum Tech Talks, and National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Show.

This video interview is for you if you want to learn how to improve your sleep quality naturally using science and technology.



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Key topics and timestamps:

01:04 – Tara Youngblood’s sleep practice.

03:40 – The biggest leverage you get in your sleep is in what you do before bed and first thing in the morning.

05:52 – A common problem that affects the majority of American’s sleep.

06:31 – How blue light blocking glasses and exposure to early morning sun can improve sleep.

08:37 – What if your day starts at night?

09:28 – Natural and simple ways to improve your sleep.

11:44 – How Chilipad works.

15:31 – How temperature plays a role in sleep.

18:17 – Should you avoid naps?

19:50 – Getting 8 hours of sleep is a good benchmark.

21:33 – The evolutionary difference between the Chilipad and the Ooler sleep system.

23:08 – Why sleep and health tips aren’t always applicable to everyone.

26:52 – Techniques Tara use to combat the stress monster responsible for sleep problems.

28:50 – James’ go-to habit that helps him reduce stress.

31:66 – How limiting exposure to media/news can reduce stress and anxiety, thereby increase happiness.

35:25 – Tara shares her opinion on sleep patches.

37-30 – The origin story of Chilipad sleep technology.

39:54 – How Tara forms a healthy routine and boundaries to help her kids sleep better.

42:10 – How a weighted blanket can help you sleep.

43:24 – How your chronotype (the body’s internal body clock) impacts deep sleep.

46:05 – How to sleep like a superhero.

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