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James Swanwick on Smart Nutrition Made Simple Podcast with Ben Brown

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Podcast

Do you know what quitting alcohol can do for you?

James Swanwick, an Australian-American entrepreneur, investor, speaker, former ESPN Anchor, and the host of The James Swanwick Show podcast, helps people sleep better and manage an alcohol-free life.

Join James, Co-founder of Swanwick Sleep, on the The Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show, where he shares his experience with alcohol, why he started the 30-day no alcohol challenge and how he’s helping people discover a better life for themselves. James also explains why he created the stylish Swannies blue light blocking glasses and how they can improve your sleep and your health.

James give us insight as to why he decided to start the 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge and how it’s leading a community of people to make change in their lives while acknowledging the very thing that’s holding them back.

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About the Author


Celeste Polley | WORDSMITH

Celeste is Swanwick’s priceless content writer from South Africa. She makes it her responsibility to encourage others to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and focuses on the importance of good sleep habits. As a busy entrepreneur, she knows how beneficial it is to spend quality time with your pillow.

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