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James Swanwick on Mind Body Spirit with Matt Belair

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Podcast

Investor, entrepreneur, author and former Anchor on ESPN, James Swanwick, helps people improve their sleep with his “Swannies” blue light blocking glasses and encourage people to live more productively without alcohol through his 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge.

In this episode, James and Matt Belair discuss the benefits of giving alcohol a break, how to quickly and easily get better sleep, and simple keys to be a successful entrepreneur.

Tune in to gain some valuable life lessons today.

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About the Author



Celeste is Swanwick’s priceless content writer from South Africa. She’s a musician, nature enthusiast, and even an achieved photographer with her own side hustle that keeps picking up steam! (Check her out here www.celestepolley.com.) She makes it her responsibility to encourage others to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and she focuses on the importance of good sleep habits. As a busy entrepreneur, she knows how beneficial it is to spend quality time with your pillow.

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