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James Swanwick at Soul in Wonder: Who’s this Man Behind the Orange Glasses?

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Swannies Stories

Who’s this man in the orange glasses? James Swanwick at Soul in Wonder podcast. He’s the Aussie entrepreneurial genius, celebrity reporter, ESPN anchorman, journalist, and, most recently, mastermind and CEO behind Swanwick Sleep Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Swannies are the latest innovation in restoring sleep and rest to the world… one blue-blocking pair of glasses at a time.

James Swanwick at Soul in Wonder

Recently, Christopher and Sara over at Soul in Wonder caught up with James Swanwick for an interview on their podcast. We were all ears. If you’re not already familiar with Soul in Wonder, it’s the brainchild of Christopher and Sara, two holistic personal wellness coaches. Beginning in June 2016, the couple launched the company to help vegans lead a balanced life in pursuit of a better world. The duo currently spends most of their time traveling the globe in search of new ideas. The interview with James Swanwick was the next step in their travels.

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The Swannies story

During the interview, Swanwick’s characteristic enthusiasm was very much at play. In this episode, he describes how he discovered the negative impact of digital blue light emitted by TV screens, computers and other devices on our sleep. It was one of his friends that opened his eyes to all the blue light surrounding him. From that point on, James was more concerned with protecting his eyes than making a good impression on the ladies. That was the definitive point in James’ career, as he was determined to create the coolest pair of blue-blocking glasses on the market. That’s how the Swannies were born! Thanks to the Swannies, his friend is also sleeping peacefully, and, very often, in good company. Interested? But that’s only part of it. If you want to find out the interesting and inspiring details of how it all went down, listen to the Soul In Wonder podcast Episode #42 for yourself here. James Swanwick has a bunch of fascinating tales but also a lot of helpful tips and solutions for blue light blocking. Go on, give it a listen!

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