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James Swanwick at Absolute Advantage - Swanwick Sleep

James Swanwick at Absolute Advantage

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Swannies Stories

Who do you want to be when “you grow up”?

After you listen to this podcast episode, you will probably realize one thing: when you grow up, you’ll want to be James Swanwick.

The Swanwick Sleep CEO was last seen at Absolute Advantage podcast talking about appreciating health, love, and happiness.

Here are the highlights.

James Swanwick at Absolute Advantage

Absolute Advantage is a podcast devoted to offering their listeners some of most relevant entrepreneurs and leaders of the millennium. They’ve made it their mission to leave their audience with at least one new idea they can utilize to grow personally and professionally.

That’s something James Swanwick can do in his sleep. There’s nothing this man can’t do. He’s intelligent, confident, well respected, and knowledgeable. If there’s anyone you want to bring home to meet your mother, James is the man.

When James tells the Absolute Advantage podcast interviewer that he sleeps “almost flawlessly” you believe it. From the way he describes it, James has his sleep down to a science. And with the amount of research he has done on the subject, there’s no doubt that he does.

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James’ prescription for perfect sleep

If there’s one takeaway from this show, it’s this – one to two hours before bed, James is never without his Swannies blue blockers.

In the evening, James knows he needs to avoid the blue light from his computer and electronic devices. That’s when the Swannies blue light blockers go on, and it stays that way until his head hits the pillow.

Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy in combination with your Swannies can be the perfect solution to your sleep interruptions.

Do you want to check out these blue light blocking glasses for yourself?

You can find Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses here. There’s something for everyone in your family, including your children with our fabulous Swannies Kids line. But the coolest of them all must be the Swannies Model X, the newest addition to the Swannies family.

Go ahead and listen to the entire Absolute Advantage episode to find out James’ sleep tips and some bonus inspirational ideas!