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James Swanwick Interviews Garret Salpeter On How To Harness The Power Of The Nervous System

(Video) James Swanwick Interviews Garret Salpeter On How To Harness The Power Of The Nervous System

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According to Neuroscientist, Garret Salpeter, the most efficient way to recover from pain and injury revolves around the nervous system.

Garret, a former College Hockey Player, Engineer, proud husband and father of 2 beautiful girls, strives to constantly push the limits of human recovery and performance.

In this episode of Swanwick LIVE, James Swanwick interviews Garret Salpeter, founder, and CEO of NeuFit where they harness the power of the nervous system using physical therapy and fitness programs to improve human performance. In other words, The NeuFit System exists to help you recover faster from injury and unlock your full potential.

Watch the video interview below to discover how NeuFit provides a safe environment where you can push beyond your limits.



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Key topics and timestamps:

01:03 – Garret Salpeter introduces himself.

02:08 – How Garret helps elite athletes and entrepreneurs manage pain.

05:16 – The importance of focusing on the nervous system for treating pain.

10:56 – How to reduce pain from sitting at a desk for long hours.

17:41 – How the NeuFit method works and how it’s different from other modalities.

21:30 –  How emotional pain can cause physical pain, and the treatment for it.

27:14 – The output of the body is a response to the signals of the environment.

32:37 – The vital importance of considering a neurological approach.

36:45 – How movement can stimulate faster healing.

38:10 – Why the RICE method potentially impedes the healing process.

40:40 – How NeuFit works.

43:30 – What the device looks like.

45:10 – Garret explains what the pulsing sensation is when hooked up to the device.

47:47 – Hints for healing a frozen shoulder.

51:17 – How NeuFit helped Cerebral Palsy patients recover.

55:28 – NeuFit vs stim machine

57:37 – Garret advises how to ease pain after jogging.

1:00:55 – Where NeuFit can be used and where to find more information.

1:02:36 – Watch James be more mobile.

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