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5 Ways To Keep Your Sunglasses Looking Brand Spanking New

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Dirty or scratched shades are nasty. Agreed? And because they’re a necessity all year long, we decided to help keep your sunglasses looking brand spanking new. 

Whether you’re hunting for new sunglasses or you’ve found the perfect pair (and you’re attached like an oyster to a rock) these tips on how to take care of sunglasses will make your shades less susceptible to wear & tear. 

Here’s how. 👇


1. Prevent lens scratches

There’s nothing worse than peering through your sunnies and discovering the world has ended. 



Okay, not really. But finding scratches on your new lenses can evoke almost the same emotional turmoil.  

There’s a simple solution. 👉 Keep those babies in a hard case to prevent scratches (yes, and the emotional turmoil).  


2. Shades are not headbands

Sunglasses are there for UV protection, not to keep your hair back. Wearing your new designer sunglasses as a headband might make you look ultra-cool, but this can totally damage it.  

Why, you might wonder? It can bend the frame or loosen the screws holding your shades together. That’s when ol’ faithful goes sliding across the floor like a snow-loving speed demon competing in the Alpine Skiing Olympics. 



Rather place them in a protective case or on a firm and clean table. Capisce?


3. Excessive heat is a no-no



If your mission is to bake your shades in the car, you may just as well sit for a Picasso painting. You don’t want a distorted frame now, do you? I didn’t think so.  

Avoid exposing your sunglasses to excessive heat to keep your frames looking sexy, feeling comfy, and functioning properly. 


4. Your Sunnies need proper cleaning

Okay, so you headed out with your mates and as you drove off in your convertible, you noticed a slight and unexpecting smudge on your lens. (OMG! Don’t panic!)  

Ever so gently, you reached for the corner of your favorite shirt, gave it a wipe and figured all will be fine… or so you thought. (because who has time to dig for a microfiber cloth? Pft 🙄) 



What followed was a terrible foggy view staring back at ya, right? Yeah, even I’ll admit I’ve taken this shortcut and it’s not a pleasant situation. Microfiber cleaning cloths exist for a reason, champ. 

Here are other proper cleaning methods to consider. 👇 

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before cleaning your shades (because your fingers collect unnoticeable dirt and destructive oils that can further complicate things).
  • Use a gentle lens solution or dishwashing liquid to remove dirt (you really don’t have to call up uncle to bring Grease Eater, just get an Eye Care Kit and you’ll be all set).
  • Run a gentle stream of lukewarm water over the lenses and wipe excess water off with a clean microfiber cloth (lukewarm because you don’t want to melt your lens coating right off).
  • Get your sunglasses professionally cleaned by an Optician at an Eyewear store if components have become impossible to clean (don’t know what you do with your shades and I won’t ask either 😮).


5. Handle your shades with care

It goes without saying that you should handle your sunnies with care.



This means taking it off and putting it back on gently by holding the piece that runs over the bridge of the nose. Be sure not to bend or stretch the arms (it doesn’t need yoga for relaxation). What it needs is for you to handle it in a dove-like manner.

That’s all folks. Now you know how to take care of sunglasses. Please stay shady out there. 😜


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