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Trouble Sleeping? Here are 4 Promising Blogs That Can Help

by | May 27, 2019 | Wellness

While you were occupied with your own doing, we found some interesting sleep news for you. Whether you’re a sleep-deprived parent, a health enthusiast, or a stress-induced worker, here is a round-up of healthy lifestyle tips that will help you sleep better and ultimately improve your life.

1. Here’s why it feels like you have no free time, in one chart

As Annie Dillard, author of “The Writing Life”, keenly observed, how you spend your time each day is essentially how you spend your life. But are you wondering where your free time has gone? Discover what may be stealing your free time, and Adam Alter’s suggestion getting it back.

2. You’re Exhausted: Should You Sleep More Or Exercise?

Most of us have been presented with this tormenting question, and what follows when you finally hit the snooze button. Your relief is shortlived and replaced with guilt. Find out if sleep specialist Michael Breus Ph.D. recommends snoozing or sweating. Your initial gut feeling may have been right all along, my friend.

3. Work stress can be bad for your sleep – and your heart

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Work-related stress may be the culprit. Studies prove the link between work-stress and poor sleep, and you should know about it. Read why stress management and sleep hygiene is important.

4. Why Are We So Freaking Tired?

Calling on all the new parents out there. If you have a newborn, and especially if you’re nursing, you should know the struggle of getting quality sleep. Check out mother, Jessica Grose’s, advice that will help you get an uninterrupted night of sleep. Because sleep is essential for your postpartum mental health.

The first step towards a healthy lifestyle is to recognize exactly what causes us to be unhealthy. What follows is a magical journey of finding health tips that work best for you. We’re here to help you along the way. Feel free to let me know in the comment box below if these blogs were insightful to you.

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