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Swannies Team Favorites: If we look magical, it’s no mistake! (Part 2)

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Hey there, comrade! Remember we recently shared some of our Swannies Team’s Favorites on the blog? 

Well, I’m back on the blog this time around highlighting our visionaries’ favorite products. How stoked are you? 

We, the creatives are the magical unicorns of Swanwick Sleep in unitards on unicycles. Yes, we live forever, poop rainbows, we are real and freakin’ majestic yo! (Pft. If only…) Although, we do like to make everything look and sound all sparkly and grand. Just for you! ✨

If we look magical, it’s no mistake! No really. We shine bright like unicorns (with our Swannies on). 🦄


The Staple Question: What’s your favorite Swanwick product and why?

Here we are rolling with our Swanwick must-haves. Check us out. 👇


Kimmi (Graphic Designer)



“I love Diamond Night Swannies because they reduce my eye strain and help me sleep longer. Also, the glasses are very trendy for summers and go perfectly with any outfit.”


Nitu (Graphic Designer)



“My favorite products are the Classic Day Swannies and the Sapphire Night Swannies. I love Day Swannies because I use them regularly and they help me to work, sleep, and feel better.

I love wearing the Night Swannies because the translucent blue frames look awesome while it blocks the blue light when I catch up on work late at night! They’ve restored my sleep!” 


Ken (Video Editor)



“I love the Classic Night Swannies and Diamond Night Swannies because they are highly fashionable and timeless! 😎 Even my family members and friends sometimes wear them. The Diamond Swannies are so cool. I went to a bar with multi-colored flashing lights one night, and while wearing them made my eyes feel better, they also seemed to change colors due to the translucent frames. 🙂”


Celeste (Content Writer)



“As a former troubled sleeper and cat whisperer (not really though), I bow to my Cat Eye Swannies. Aside from wearing them before bedtime every evening (preventing blue light from keeping me awake), just the other night I was invited to a bonfire gathering, and having been prepared beforehand of the resident cat’s disapproval of humans, I took it as a challenge to win it over.

While the Cat Eye Swannies turned a few heads of murmuring strangers, they also blocked the blue light of a few blinding lights. And to everyone’s surprise, the cat curiously approached me like I was one of its own. I like to think the Tortoise Shell frames had something to do with it. Needless to say, I slept well that night for two reasons. Ever since then, I wear them gracefully on my evenings out.

My Diamond Day Swannies accompany me while I work during the day to minimize digital eye strain and make me look like the geeky person I am.”


Andy (Occasional Photographer & ClickFunnels Strategist)



“My favorite Swanwick product is the Classic Night Swannies. They look amazing with anything you wear and they do what they do, they block blue light! Since I’m always on my computer and usually at night, these really help with letting me finish some work late into the night and still be able to sleep on time. My eyes are not strained anymore like they used to and am very happy with them.”

Aren’t we a shimmering blessing? Ohmahgosh. I smell a rainbow! 🌈 If you feel like staying a person is getting too complicated, it’s time for a change. Repeat after me… 👇

I don’t believe in humans. I am awesome. Therefore I’m a unicorn. 🦄

Just kidding. 😉 Let’s try that again.

Swannies are awesome. I am a Blue Light Warrior. Therefore I’m a restful, happy, healthy achiever!

If we can do it, you can too.

But what’s an achiever without coffee and naps? Wait, what? Yeah! Go explore how coffee naps can boost your energy, here.

Do pop in for the last set of Swannies Team favorites, will you?

Stay magical. 🌟

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