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Doctor Oz with Tristan Swanwick at CES 2018 in Las Vegas - Swanwick Sleep

Dr. Oz Recommends Swannies at CES ’18 in Vegas!

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Swannies Stories

“These glasses phase out the blue light.” – Dr. Oz

According to Dr. Oz at the CES 2018 Digital Health Summit, 93% of the American population has a problem with sleep. Unfortunately, these sleep problems are not confined to America, alone. During the summit it became clear that as we grow older and have more responsibilities we have to work on sleeping better as opposed to expecting to just fall asleep at the end of the day.

It should be everyone’s goal to manage their sleep better in order to have a full presence of body and mind. The seven to eight hours of sleep that you need every night are crucial to resetting your body on a daily basis. They also help you cope better with stressful situations and recover from illness quicker. Everyone has different sleep issues to deal with so the solutions cannot be a one-size-fits-all. In fact, sleep experts are now using specialized data to give solutions that target the specific sleep problem each client faces.


SleepScore Max

Sleepscore Max - Swanwick Sleep

Dr. Oz and SleepScore Labs have developed a product known as SleepScore Max that tracks your sleep based on your lifestyle and daily details that you enter into the device every evening. Using this data SleepScore Max measures the quality and quantity of your sleep on a scale of 0-100. The measurement is based on your light sleep, REM sleep, deep sleep, time to fall asleep, number of times you woke up and the total amount of time spent sleeping.

“Swanwick glasses phase out the blue light.” – Dr. Oz

These measurements enable them to recommend the best, scientifically-validated products on the market that can meet your need and help you achieve healthy sleep. These solutions include mattresses, light bulbs, blue light-blocking glasses, pillows, and even apps that can strengthen your upper airways, or services that can study your DNA to tell you what sleep issues to which you are predisposed.

How Day Swannies Computer Glasses Make It All Compute

Swanwick Swannies

One of the brands recommended by Dr. Oz is Swanwick and our FDA-approved, blue light-blocking glasses. These glasses, which feature specially-developed lenses, filter out the blue light coming from your TV, bulbs, smart phone, and laptop which causes eyes soreness, computer vision syndrome, and interfere with your sleep patterns.

Swannies Classic Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Swanwick SleepBestsellers: Swannies Classic Black

Sleep experts at the CES 2018 digital health summit including Dr. Nate Watson of the University of Washington and Colin Lawlor of SleepScore Labs highly encourage individuals to use such personalized data to find solutions that work for them. Applauding innovative technology like the blue-light blocking glasses from Swanwick, Dr. Oz and this panel of experts were impressed with how this particular solution is not only effective, but also accessible, and brings high-quality change to the overall sleep health of all types of sleepers.

Swannies Neon Blue Glasses - Swanwick Sleep

Neon Kids Edition

The glasses, which can be worn at all times (although not recommended while driving), were considered the best in their category of products by SleepScore Labs. We have styles to suit your personality, and are a specific solution for people whose data shows that blue light has an adverse effect on their ability to enjoy healthy sleep – which is mostly everyone.

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“If you want to use screens and TV late at night…Swanwick glasses phase out the blue light.” – Dr. Oz

At the summit, Dr. Nate Watson quotes CDC findings that show sleep deprivation is now considered a public health epidemic in the U.S. So while you maintain all the healthy habits of keeping off caffeine and alcohol before bedtime, having optimum temperatures in your room at bedtime and eating well, it is also important to invest in products that can help you attain the highest quality sleep.

As one of, if not the most cost-effective products recommended by Dr. Oz and SleepScore at CES this year, we suggest starting here, seeing the difference, and then potentially investing in other products to further assist your sleep.

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