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Digital Dementia Summit

Why You Need To Know More About The Digital Dementia Summit

by | May 6, 2019 | Mental Health

I’m delighted to inform you of this FREE live event that will be hosted next month, from May 20-26. An event with “Digital Dementia” on the agenda.

Digital Dementia is an undeniable problem these days. There’s a reason why experts will be talking about the dangers of excessive screen time at The Digital Dementia Summit.

It’s simple. To help you understand these dangers and what you can do about it.

Allow me to elaborate.

Have you heard of the term “tech trance”?

This is when someone is in a “computer coma” as they’re staring down at their devices, hardly blinking or responding to the world around them.

Human posture is connected to active brain health, and it’s rapidly devolving as fast as technology.

Technology overuse and a sedentary lifestyle have been causing adolescents to experience non-Alzheimer’s, dementia-like symptoms.

If these are symptoms you, your child or someone you know are experiencing, it could be digital dementia:

  • Confusion
  • Brain fog
  • Poor memory recall
  • Developmental delays
  • Poor coordination
  • Behavioral disorders

The solution isn’t to cut technology out completely but instead, learn healthier habits when engaging with it. This is where the Digital Dementia Summit expert speakers come in, as they will help you discover healthier habits in your relationship with technology.

The negative effects of technology on cognitive development, deteriorated posture, degraded short-term memory, isolation, and lack of motivation, should be an incentive to attend The Digital Dementia Summit!

Learn more about digital dementia when you attend this free, online event.

Why you should attend The Digital Dementia Summit

The host, Dr. Krista Burns, is a highly-sought expert, author, and speaker. She has been educating practitioners about the risks of digital dementia for over 5 years.

You will have the opportunity to learn valuable methods and protocols that doctors are using to prevent digital dementia, especially for your children.

Swanwick co-founder James Swanwick will be talking on May 22 (Day 3) about how you can achieve a high-performing brain with getting consistent quality sleep. James will be accompanied by a number of other experts, which will include Dr. Partha Nandi, an Emmy Award-winning physician that digs deep into topics such as medical conditions, disease prevention, and natural therapies. His expertise also includes educating people on the health benefits of nutritious food. A true Holistic Health Hero!

here to learn more about the event and the expert speakers invited, What’s more, when you register, you’ll gain instant access to wonderful free gifts.

Help yourself and your loved ones create healthy habits when it comes to their digital devices to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Register for The Digital Dementia Summit today.


Start by limiting your daily blue light exposure with blue light blocking glasses.