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Diamond Swannies Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes with Persha and Fiona

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Swannies Stories

Did you know we had a fun photoshoot for our Diamond Swannies launch recently? We gave you a little sneak peek here.

After having such an amazing time with model Persha Jane, and photographer, Fiona Kruske, we decided to do a follow-up interview with them and give you the chance to meet the crew and get some behind the scenes from our photoshoot.

Let’s meet them, learn more about their jobs, style, and career ambitions.

Meet Persha and Fiona

Persha Jane, a teen model originally from the U.K, moved with her parents a few years ago to adopt the Gold Coast as their forever home.

We totally understand why the ocean stole her heart. The Gold Coast is famous for its long sandy beaches, surfing spots and extravagant system of inland canals and waterways.

The ocean might have stolen her heart, but her career means the world to her! “I love the beach and the sea. Swimming in the ocean is my happy place, but modeling is my absolute passion.” Persha said.

Her love for the runway, streetwear and high fashion modeling might soon get her on the Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar cover in no time. Persha’s greatest career goal is to be featured on a billboard in a major city like London or Times Square N.Y. She isn’t afraid to dream big!

Modeling, photography and adventurous travels

Both Fiona and Persha have the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally for work.

Brisbane-based photographer, Fiona Kruske, is no stranger to onboarding her business on a plane whenever she gets the chance. She loves the adventurous side of her career: getting to travel the world and the opportunity to share her passion with other photography enthusiasts.

The longest she traveled for a gig was a three and a half hour drive (each way) to do a newborn shoot. She loved every second of it. One of her greatest career dream is to have her work published in a Vogue magazine one day.

One of Persha’s recent travel adventure was a photoshoot in Thailand, the land of tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples.

Every once in a while she loves to go back to her roots, doing what she loves most, “traveling 23 hours on a plane back to the U.K. for a photo shoot in London.” she said.

Yep, they might have the best jobs ever!

Can it get any better than this?

Fiona’s happy place is capturing her perfect photography combo – weddings and models. “My ultimate photo shoots are models in bridal wear,” she confessed.

“Two completely different genres, but I love doing both, especially in Sunset and Golden hour lighting,” she said. As a photographer myself, I take my hat off to her choice of lighting.

Persha is young, but she’s wise beyond her years. Her ambition is to grow, and never stop learning, so there’s no doubt she’ll meet the right people along her aspiring journey to success.

Show them some love on their IG profiles: Persha Jane & Fiona K Photography, and check out Fiona’s website here.

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