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Image of Diamond Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Swanwick Sleep

The Diamond Swannies Story: From a Simple Idea to a Big Launch

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Swannies Stories

Diamond Swannies will land tomorrow!

After hours of work, meetings, and dedication… we’re excited to announce the launch of Diamond Swannies will happen tomorrow, November 13th.

Previously known as Model X, Diamond Swannies have had fabulous success on our Indiegogo campaign, which sold over 350 pairs before even launching!

Now, the time has come for us to launch this classic, on-trend model from the Crystal Collection to our entire audience.

Let’s find out more about how it all started.

The Journey…

… started in January with nothing more than an idea to bring a truly unique design to the Swanwick Collection of one-of-a-kind blue light blocking glasses.

February came around, and we were quickly at our sketch pads, drawing potential designs for Model X (now known as Diamond Swannies). After hours of research and designing, we came up with the perfect design!

Sketch style photo of diamond Swannies - Swanwick Sleep
March is when it became a reality. It was time to start creating the first ever prototypes of Diamond Swannies. We went back and forth with our team to make sure we had the best possible blue light blocking glasses on the market.

Throughout April we tested the various prototypes to help us decide on the perfect pair. We analyzed the frames, the fit, the lenses and every other small detail you could think of. By the start of May, we had the perfect pair of Swannies – Diamond Swannies.

June is when the ball started rolling – the launch of our Indiegogo campaign. After a couple more photo shoots, and tweaking some graphics, we were ready to go. Launch day came around, and before we knew it, pledges started rolling in.

Within 24 hours we exceeded our initial goal of $15,000 (USD)!

As the month went by, the pledges continued and on July 17th the Indiegogo campaign came to a close. The support for our campaign was overwhelming and together we managed to raise $30,589 (USD) – 271% of our initial goal!

This wasn’t the end though, this was only the beginning.

July and August consisted of finalizing orders and the manufacturing began – we sold over 400 pairs of Diamond Swannies before they had even launched!

We received more samples in the office to try on, test and make sure all glasses were premium quality. We extremely happy with the final Diamond Swannies design.

In September we started to send out our gems. Our final orders were shipped in October and that’s when we started to see the Diamond Swannies popping up on social media.

Diamond Swannies Collage

It was truly rewarding to see our Diamond Swannies being enjoyed by our campaign backers after the journey we had been on together.

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Diamond Swannies now…

After months of preparation, campaigning, and manufacturing, we are so excited to bring you Diamond Swannies!

Diamond Swannies are truly unique to the Swanwick collection and a limited edition from our Crystal Collection. Diamond Swannies are created from premium hypoallergenic acetate, which is adjustable for the best fit and comfortable wear.

The modern design of the transparent frame makes these Swannies easy to dress up or down; they’re perfect for any occasion. The classic design makes these a timeless piece that won’t be affected by the fluctuating fashion trends. They’re in style for life!

And there you have it… the story of Diamond Swannies, the coolest blue light blocking glasses on the market. Now’s your chance to stand out from the crowd AND keep your eyes safe from blue light with a pair of Diamond Swannies. Get your pair here.

In celebration of launching, we’d like to give you a special $10 coupon that can be redeemed on our Amazon store.