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(VIDEO) Achieve High Performance With Simple Breathing Techniques With James Swanwick And Shane Saunders

(VIDEO) Interview with James Swanwick and Shane Saunders: Achieve High Performance With Simple Breathing Techniques

by | The Edge Podcast, Wellness

Have you ever wondered if breathing is more than simply surviving?

According to Shane Saunders, “it’s an advantage,” essential for your state of mind.

Shane helps top business people and coaches, such as Alex Charfen, and entrepreneurs all over the world achieve higher performance with his breathing techniques.

Shane is co-founder of Breathe Me, co-author of the award-winning book, 3 Lessons on How to Lower Stress Naturally, and co-host of The Breathing Edge Podcast. He’s a 13-year vet of the Australian Defence Force with military training at the highest level, SAS, tactical assault and special forces, and military duty in the Mid-East.

In this Swanwick LIVE episode, Shane walked James through breathing exercises, answered some questions, and shared his sleep hacks and stress relief techniques.

After watching this video below you will understand how simple breathing exercises can be the gateway to success.


Key topics and timestamps:

  • 00:08 – Introducing Shane Saunders
  • 03:35 – Why Shane is a big fan of wearing Swannies
  • 04:55 – Shane walks James through a breathing exercise, answering what they are going to do and what benefit they are going to get out of it.
  • 09:41 – Shane guides James through a breathing exercise
  • 19:23 – Shane explains why you may feel lightheaded and some discomfort during the breathing practice.
  • 22:48 – Shane answers what triggers him to remember to stop and breathe.
  • 29:08 – Shane explains why yawning can occur during the breathing exercise.
  • 31:00 – Shane talks about how these breathing exercises can help alleviate migraines.
  • 33:54 – The link between weight loss and breathing.
  • 34:49 – Shane answers if it’s better using his breathing technique standing or sitting relaxed.
  • 36:48 – When to eat dinner and which foods to avoid before bed.
  • 41:01 – For those that feel busy, even only a 1-minute breathing exercise to reset might be great.
  • 44:22 – How certain habits can be a great motivator.
  • 46: 38 – How the same breathing technique can help you sleep or energize you.
  • 48:15 – James reminds us of a free tool we all have within us.
  • 49:42 – Shane shares the greatest performance tool for athletes.
  • 51:05 – How the simple act of breathing can drastically transform anger issues, depression, and getting back your life.
  • 54:11 – The easiest way to achieve a shift in consciousness.
  • 55: 49 – Breathing tips to avoid getting sleepy after lunch.
  • 58:08 – Three breath conclusion




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