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Boundless: A Groundbreaking Blueprint for Total Human Optimization

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Sure, some people have this superhuman ability that can liberate all areas of their lives. What are they? Bionic? In reality, most of us hang on a thread as societal expectations demand our full attention. But, as J. Grant Howard so eloquently expressed, “The world is a treadmill, and we are being pulled backward on it if we aren’t consciously walking forward.” 

What if being at your peak capacity wasn’t a fantasy but instead something within effortless reach?

Boundless, by New York Times best-selling author and health and fitness leader Ben Greenfield, offers unparalleled fitness tips and wellness advice for complete optimization of mind, body, and spirit.

Exactly what we all need to conquer the ever-growing demands weighing us down. Or would you rather remain stuck in a rut?

I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t aspire to live their best life. So without further ado, let me introduce the divine man and his book.


Who is Ben Greenfield?

Greenfield is a (bionic) superhuman.



No, seriously! He has what it takes to help people acquire remarkable abilities. Therefore, it comes to no surprise to me that he was voted by the NSCA as America’s Personal Trainer of the Year. Plus, he was named by Greatist as one of the top 100 Most Influential People In Health And Fitness. (No way!)

Not only that, Greenfield is known as a biohacker, health, performance, and longevity coach, ex-bodybuilder, 13-time Ironman triathlete (told you he’s superhuman), professional Spartan competitor, speaker, and author of New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health, and Life.”

Who wouldn’t want to grab hold of his advice? Maybe someone who wants to feel less than worthy with an unhealthy track record that could put them in an early grave?

Harsh, I know. But so true.


Benefits of reading Boundless



With the copious amounts of confusing and contradictory wellness advice out there on the world wide web, it’s no wonder some of us feel something’s still missing. But life shouldn’t have to be an uphill battle. For the most part, it should be a joyful journey. Am I right or am I right?

Answer this. Are you a go-getter who yearns for ever-lasting energy? If it’s a heck-yes I see a great future ahead of you, champ! You deserve a pat on the back and Boundless opportunities for your enthusiasm alone.

Now, imagine your wildest dreams come true.

Yes, it’s entirely possible with this page-turner. It contains a whole universe of expert and research-proven advice necessary to bring your boundless life to fruition – the ultimate biohacking guide, if you will.

No matter where you are on your journey, and with no stone left unturned, Greenfield’s limitless approach offers a shortcut to optimal health.


The key takeaway

Boundless is for the high achiever in you determined to upgrade your brain to a faster, more reliable version. Think high energy vibes, magnified performance, superior recovery, and superb happiness ~ the last tool you need to sit in the driver seat of your own life.

Ready to embrace the Rising Star in you and optimize your health?

Absobloodylutely! I need Boundless energy.