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(Video) How To Achieve Quality Sleep And Boost Your Performance With Doc Parsley’s Natural Sleep Remedy

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We know you aspire to be the best version of yourself and you will move mountains to get there. If you’re like Team Swannies, you’re always trying to find that edge.

Why not push your success a little further?

In this new episode of Swanwick LIVE you will learn how a natural sleep remedy can help you get quality sleep, thereby helping you push those limits.

James Swanwick interviewed Kirk Parsley (Doc Parsley), founder of Sleep Remedy the all-natural sleep supplement of choice for Navy SEALs, pro athletes, and C-level executives, designed to naturally decrease stress hormones while boosting relaxation chemistry for deeply restorative sleep. Doc discovered that the most under-used method to boost performance is quality sleep, and Swanwick agrees.

Watch the video interview below to accomplish your health, stress management, and longevity goals, and aim for the highest quality of life possible.

You deserve it!



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Key topics and timestamps:

03:06 – Dr. Kirk Parsley’s story.

09:04 – The reason Sleep Remedy exists.

10:28 – The major function of quality sleep.

15:40 – How a lack of sleep affects human performance.

20:38 – Circadian rhythm explained.

23:49 – Tips to overcome sleep apnea and get off a CPAP machine.

26:00 – James announces Swanwick Instagram Giveaway winner.

28:52 – What causes sleep paralysis and REM sleep explained.

33:41 – The impact of artificial light at night on our sleep.

39:14 – How the invention of artificial light changed human sleep patterns.

44:06 – Best ways to deal with insomnia.

48:26 – How to deal with stress to help you sleep better at night (free PDF download).

50:25 – Kirk suggests how to start your morning.

56:18 – Kirk explains the direct correlation between fasting glucose level and hours of sleep.

58:40 – Dosage of Sleep Remedy explained.

59: 56 – Stress-mitigating tools to stop taking Anxiolytic (an anxiety-reducing drug).


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