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Happiness Happens… and so does this sale!

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August has been designated as the month where Happiness Happens according to our friends at the Society of Happy People. They’ve been spreading the positive message of happiness over negativity for almost two decades (wow!) and we couldn’t think of a better way to contribute to this awesomely happy time than with our Big Swannies® Sale

For this amazingly opportune week in August, you can feast your eyes (and your wallets) on a variety of Swanwick products! 

Can’t decide what to load up in that shopping cart? You don’t have to! Just take a look here.

You can save up to 50% on these selected deals.


Classic Night Swannies

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

A classic, unisex style in a durable black or tortoise shell frame, our Classic Night Swannies® are the perfect blue light blockers that make a statement before you hit the hay. 

The blue light might try to shoot you down, but with the Classic Night Swannies®, you won’t fall.


Aviator day Swannies

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

You don’t need to be Leonardo DiCaprio to enjoy these Swannies®. The Aviator Day Swannies® are equipped with classy gold rims, perfectly complimenting the lens while providing full coverage from harmful blue light. We’ll even throw in a premium Folding Hard Case for your trouble.


Swannies Sunnies

UV Rated, Polarized Sunglasses

More than an accessory, our UV rated and polarized shades will offer you protection from the sun’s harmful rays, effectively minimize glare, deliver defense against dust and particles, and yes, make you look cool. Trust us, Swannies® Sunnies will be a bright addition to your wardrobe.


Foldable Swannies Eyeglass Case

Where else are you going to stash your precious Swannies® other than our specially designed Foldable Swannies® Eyeglass Case? Did we mention that they are foldable? Foldable! Yup, it’s okay to be impressed. Keep those Swannies® safe in a fashionable way with our case.


Hypnotherapy for Sleep



Did you know, hypnosis can increase the time you spend in deep sleep by as much as 80 percent? Yep, we won’t offer Hypnotherapy for Sleep if it didn’t actually work. 

Download and store the MP3 for use anywhere, anytime. It’s perfect for people battling with insomnia as it allows your body and mind to relax and let go of the anxiety that not falling asleep can create. Know what we’re talkin’ about?


Are there more Swanwick products that you can get in our sale not listed here? Of course! Just check out the site and enjoy the awesome deals.

Happiness really does happen this August, and it starts with Swannies®!


Start by limiting your daily blue light exposure with blue light blocking glasses.