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The Align Method: An Epic Compilation of Tips for a Strong Body and Mind

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Dr. Mercola, Alternative Medicine Proponent, and Osteopathic Physician, articulated in his book review, “Movement is an important part of achieving high-level wellness that is frequently neglected.”

Roger that, Doc!

But what if I told you living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t require complicated training plans? You would continue reading, wouldn’t you?

I’m highlighting a book that will knock your socks off if you do.

The Align Method, by celebrity manual therapist and movement coach Aaron Alexander, will “help your body work for you, rather than against you,” as expressed by Dr. Mercola.

This book contains an epic compilation of tips for a strong body and mind. A transformation that huge you will never look back again.

Ready? Let’s dive in!


Who is Aaron Alexander?



It’s clear to me that Alexander is not your average health and wellness guy. He is an accomplished manual therapist and movement coach with over 13 years of professional experience, and author of The Align Method – a one-of-a-kind epic human with a continuous desire to learn and experiment while shifting the minds of thousands.

With the focus on good posture and body alignment, his unique and effective approach resolves imbalances in the human body that transforms people’s lives. Think radical brilliance and strength you never knew you had. That is what Aaron’s all about.

He plants the seed of renewal, nurtures it and watches it grow into the divine life lying dormant within you.


Benefits of reading The Align Method



When you see the words “good posture,” what pops up in your head first? Stand up straight? Confidence? These were my first thoughts too.

However, good posture is about more than that.

How we build awareness, connect, and move through life that causes unwanted physical and emotional stress can be avoided – but only if you know how, of course.

What if you had the power to be more aware of where you are today, and knew how to utilize simple self-care tools to realign your body and mind?

You absolutely have the power!

Let me tell you, showing up here and reading this is a great sign that you are ready for major change.

Alexander emphasizes that when we properly integrate our bodies, we can reap benefits such as:

  • A change in mood
  • Pain reduction
  • Stressful tension management
  • Building and maintaining strength and confidence


How about that?

Now, close your eyes and imagine all of the above manifesting in your life. Think about how it will change everything, from being centered within yourself and living your best life, to improving your relationships with loved ones and people around you, acing that interview, and finally having the confidence to approach your crush.

Ha! A blissful place, isn’t it?

Yes, being aligned is more than standing up straight and appearing to be confident. This book shows you how to move through the world with intention and live each day with magical energy you didn’t know you had.


What can you expect?

The Align Method is based on five daily optimizations you can comfortably integrate into your daily life activities. You can use it to compliment your morning workout, your mindfulness practice, or any activity for that matter:

  • Floor Sitting
  • Hanging
  • Hip-Hinging
  • Walking
  • Nose Breathing


Finding the sweet spot of a truly aligned life isn’t limited to blissfully stretching in a yoga studio while admiring the peaceful decor or crushing it in the gym with your pals. It’s a willingness to shift your mind and optimize your physical and mental processes in any situation.


The Key Takeaway

Alexander provides the fundamental principles for you to step into this new realm of flexibility and confidence – to grasp the power of your own senses in both hands and reshape your world for enhanced creativity and longevity.

This book is the supreme user’s manual to lift you up from the fetal position and set you straight for good.

The power is in your hands now. What will you do?

Ready to discover a truly aligned life?

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