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4 Tips To Rock The Swannies And Look Cool Even If It’s Daytime - Swanwick Sleep

4 Tips To Rock The Swannies And Look Cool, Even If It’s Daytime

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Swannies Stories

‘4 Tips To Rock The Swannies And Look Cool, Even If It’s Daytime’ is going to show you how to pull these off, no matter the situation or time of day.

The Swannies blue light blocking glasses are a very cool addition to your outfit – if you wear them in the right way. Here are some tips:

#1 – It’s all about the attitude

When you wear the Swannies, it’s all about the vibe you give off when you wear them. Because they are undoubtedly different, with their orange tinted lenses, you’re going to invite attention. The key to passing these glasses off as the iciest glasses ever invented is by owning off them with an air of nonchalance and sophistication. If you do this, then everybody will want to try on your glasses – and you’ll struggle to get them back.

#2 – Choose your fit

Different horses for different courses, different frames for different names. Choose a style and fit which suits you best, because we all have different face shapes and looks. Here are a few different styles that you could choose from:


Classic Swannies

Swannies Classic Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Swanwick Sleep

Tortoise Shell Swannies

Swannies_Tortoise_Shell - Swanwick Sleep


Henley Collection Swannies

Swannies Henley Collection - Swanwick Sleep

Swannies Fitovers

Swannies Fitover Glasses - Swanwick Sleep

I like them all, with my personal favorite being the Tortoise Shell Swannies. I wear them all the time.

#3 – Wear them casual and smart

The Swannies aren’t sunglasses, so you can wear them inside or out, smart or casual – it doesn’t really matter. Below are some pictures of James rocking them both in suit attire, and more casually:

James_Swanwick_Suit - Swanwick Sleep

James_Swanwick_Casual - Swanwick Sleep

My personal favorite is rocking them with a smart casual outfit, with a pair of black jeans, a shirt and some fresh white sneakers. Damn son.

#4 – Rock them day ‘n’ night

Queue Kid Cudi…

Wear the Swannies in the daytime, to give your eyes a rest from the excessive blue light that you’re exposed to throughout the daytime. It doesn’t really matter the time of day – the blue light on your eyes is causing you more problems than you realize, affecting your circadian rhythm and sleep patterns on many levels. Read here.

Therefore, rock them whatever the time, and fully own your look. People will love it and will be intrigued as to the technology behind the Swannies.

To see some celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger rocking the Swannies CLICK HERE.

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